Winter Parka Stroll

Yesterday did not lend itself to a long walk and with snow in the air, I have to say that it takes a little effort on my part to be my usual enthusiast walking self.  Coming from Winnipeg I thought we’d left Winter-in-October behind, but today is our third straight day of snow.  Nothing’s sticking, but still.  Walking in a winter parka is requiring a mental adjustment.

By mid-afternoon I’d had my fill of paper shuffling (still working on resettling after our move) so Mountain Dog and I headed to Bogart Park, a hill-top park in town.  I’m beginning to look for some endurance walking versus up and down.  This is just a little park, but it’s what fit into the day. Nice views of town, and, of course, the M.

There’s a nice incline to go to the top, which is then a level plateau.  This is part of a thorough trail system, leading all through town.  Mountain Dog and I just meandered today.

Part of a secondary trail on the plateau, with the Bridgers in the background.

Mountain Dog, checking out what may be bottlebrush…seems short for that plant…so not sure.  Wimpy walk today, but any time outside is better than in.


About walksandrambles

My love of walking began in 2005, when, travelling with my Girl Scout troop to Switzerland, I joined a group of Norwegians for a day, to walk up Elsignenalp. I wasn't at all sure I could make it, but the guide was kind and through her encouragement, started out. It was an all-day affair for me and I was always the last one, but this didn't matter a bit...I'd found my new love! No photos exist for this...the camera went missing on a train...but I remember toasting myself with a cup of tea from my thermos at the was a day of tough work and pure pleasure. If you walk, you know what I mean!
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