Always Something to See

Late last weekend we finally drug our unmotivated selfs out of the house to once again stomp around the familiar back forty.  We’ve been having a cold-snap, and weren’t too surprised to see the creek more iced over than last visit.


I’d forgotten my phone (i.e. camera) so I asked Jeff to take this picture for me. While he was lining up things I noticed what looked to be a black head of a fish, swimming perpendicular in the water, with its mouth open.  Hmmm…that didn’t make much sense. I got a better look at it and it turned out to be a dipper!  You know the one…those smallish black birds that “dip” their tails when they stand or walk, and hang out at streams.  A much better reason for its name I think, is that it dips underwater…yep, even in this icy creek…to feed on aquatic invertebrates.  We watched it for quite some either wasn’t shy or it didn’t want to leave its little bit of open water, and we witnessed it going underwater many times.  What a treat to see! Only the second dipper I’ve ever seen. I went back later with binoculars and it was still there…actually bathing and preening in and along the open water…brrr.

You can get a glimpse of the little guy (or gal) here, about in the middle of the photo, standing on the iceberg.


Just goes to show that there’s always something to see, even in the most familiar of places.  And, it’s worth dragging oneself outside to see it!


About walksandrambles

My love of walking began in 2005, when, travelling with my Girl Scout troop to Switzerland, I joined a group of Norwegians for a day, to walk up Elsignenalp. I wasn't at all sure I could make it, but the guide was kind and through her encouragement, started out. It was an all-day affair for me and I was always the last one, but this didn't matter a bit...I'd found my new love! No photos exist for this...the camera went missing on a train...but I remember toasting myself with a cup of tea from my thermos at the was a day of tough work and pure pleasure. If you walk, you know what I mean!
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