Backpack Retirement Walk

After many years of service, I do believe it’s time to say thank you and farewell, except for very short walks, to my Eddie Bauer daypack. It has served me well, packing my essentials for countless day walks, toting my lunches along the West Highland Way, and really, being Johnny-on-the-Spot whenever I’ve taken the notion to hit the trail. However, a couple of weekends ago my husband and I and MD walked the Sypes Canyon trail on a rather humid day and upon reaching the first overlook, my back was suffering from too much togetherness with my unframed pack…


Jeff bought a new style day pack for me last year and I think the time has come to make the switch. The new pack has a waistband and a chest strap, which together, as you likely know, take the weight off of one’s shoulders and help to hold the pack away from one’s back.

It’s with such¬†melancholy that I retire my ol’ buddy from active duty…


I’ll publish a photo of my new pack once its earned the recognition.

Great walk, nonetheless, with wildflowers in bloom (seems early this year)…

IMG_3648 IMG_3651

…and beautiful scenery…

IMG_3639 IMG_3645 IMG_3623 IMG_3643

MD was one weary little pooch near the end of our walk. She rested a while in every stream we crossed on the way down, cooling down on this humid day…


Don’t worry, though…we carried her for the last half mile or so…she sank into our arms and thoroughly enjoyed the lift.

After this walk it was back on the road for business…driving somewhere in the Beehive State..


Even though we have all of our landscaping in and planters planted, one can’t help but admire the beautiful colours of summer…


Hope you’re able to enjoy the colours of summer wherever your trail leads you.



About walksandrambles

My love of walking began in 2005, when, travelling with my Girl Scout troop to Switzerland, I joined a group of Norwegians for a day, to walk up Elsignenalp. I wasn't at all sure I could make it, but the guide was kind and through her encouragement, started out. It was an all-day affair for me and I was always the last one, but this didn't matter a bit...I'd found my new love! No photos exist for this...the camera went missing on a train...but I remember toasting myself with a cup of tea from my thermos at the was a day of tough work and pure pleasure. If you walk, you know what I mean!
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4 Responses to Backpack Retirement Walk

  1. Crikey, that’d be like saying bye to an old mate, nice pics!

  2. So sad to let go of an old friend but how fun to introduce a new one! I hoop you like your new pack… I have had many and loved them all for different reasons!

  3. I think it’ll be a matter of retraining myself. It sure is comfortable, so that’s a good start.

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