Months Later…

…we finally got back on the trail. Not sure what happened between then and now, except August was too hot and then for several months the bears wouldn’t go to sleep…and then time passed. I’ve kept up my near-daily morning walk, but our trail exploits definitely fell by the wayside.

Until today. Jeff, Indy and I finally roused ourselves to walk to The M. Well, Indy didn’t take much rousing. Just the re-appearance of my walking pants was enough to have her running in circles between us and the door. By the time we were ready to load up in the car she was nearly worn out.

Well, not really. After all, she’s Mountain Dog.

The trail is mostly ice, but the 1/2″ spike and chain contraptions we bought last year gave us sure footing. Coming down MD had a harder time as she seemed to really annoyed whenever she slipped. It was entertaining to watch her choose her path all the way down…avoiding ice whenever she could. Smart MD.

Nice view from the top today…


Being so close to the ground, MD picked up lots of trail muck…


We did have a bit of sunshine today, but overall it was a grey day. These ol’ clouds can move along anytime they’d like to.


Hope you have some sunshine wherever you are!


About walksandrambles

My love of walking began in 2005, when, travelling with my Girl Scout troop to Switzerland, I joined a group of Norwegians for a day, to walk up Elsignenalp. I wasn't at all sure I could make it, but the guide was kind and through her encouragement, started out. It was an all-day affair for me and I was always the last one, but this didn't matter a bit...I'd found my new love! No photos exist for this...the camera went missing on a train...but I remember toasting myself with a cup of tea from my thermos at the was a day of tough work and pure pleasure. If you walk, you know what I mean!
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