So, Tuesday Arrived…

…and I figured that I may as well hit the trail again. As I mentioned in the previous post, our Tuesday group is rather casual in choosing a destination. As it turned out, a huge group opted for Grassy Mountain…which I did not want to do again, at least not quite so soon. Another group chose one of the Cottonwood Trails…we have a North, Middle and South…I don’t remember which they chose, but I didn’t feel like that, either. I was about to bail on the whole idea when a small group mentioned that they were headed to History Rock…another place I hadn’t been.

Here’s how that conversation went: me: how long is that trail?; group: five miles return; me: what’s the time frame?; group: home by lunch. Sounded great and I was on board. A short walk, home by lunch…a nice outing for me on another hot day, after a long walk in the heat the previous day.

This trail is in the Hyalite Resevoir area, of the Gallatins, a short drive from town. The actual rock is only a mile along the trail  and is carved with names from lots of dates, some supposedly of early settlers. Our group made it there in fine style:20160607_095814

…yes, we know we’re colour coordinated! And then someone said: let’s carry on to Fox Meadow. Hmmm…me: how far is that?; someone in the group, but who will remained unnamed, but who happens to be standing at the right in the above photo, said: oh, about as far as we’ve come.

Not so. Fox Meadow is a 7.15 mile return walk with 1,555′ of elevation gain. Not a big deal, but not what I was feeling up to after yesterday’s walk.

Regardless, I was on board. This was a continual uphill walk, again with views of the Bridgers in the distance…


We ended up doing a bit of post-holing and when we finally reached the entrance to the meadow (after a fair bit of: me: how much farther is it and group: just around the next bend…ha!) were met with a 10′ snow drift…20160607_113711

Not to worry…the intrepid BWAGs soon found an alternate route by bushwacking through the woods (our second bushwacking of this walk) and indeed, our vista did open up to a grand meadow…20160607_114426

Fox Meadow is apparently used in promotional literature for the state ,and not much wonder. Our timing was pretty good for wildflowers…

but, in another week or so, the meadow will be carpeted.

We found a nice lunch spot and enjoyed a nice BWAG lunch…hardboiled eggs, cheese, flatbread and homemade sugar-free cookies for me, with which I’d have enjoyed some tea, but after yesterday’s walk, decided to forego tea in favour of an extra canister of water…


And, after an entire post with no photo of me, I have to insert myself here…the mountain rising on the left, but cut off is Mt. Blackmore…it’s on my list.


Following a lunch with spectacular views, we began our descent, stopping off the trail to enjoy a view of Hyalite Resevoir…


and to take photos of the multitude of yellow violets, the more reclusive calypso orchid and the shy shooting star…

At one point, during my more whiny phases, one of the BWAG-ers asked me how old I was and when I replied, she said that she was 20 years older than me…okay…hint taken…no more are we almost there, yet?

All in all, a day of a steady climb in the heat along a trail that seemed to stretch on forever, in good company, and lots of good fun 🙂




About walksandrambles

My love of walking began in 2005, when, travelling with my Girl Scout troop to Switzerland, I joined a group of Norwegians for a day, to walk up Elsignenalp. I wasn't at all sure I could make it, but the guide was kind and through her encouragement, started out. It was an all-day affair for me and I was always the last one, but this didn't matter a bit...I'd found my new love! No photos exist for this...the camera went missing on a train...but I remember toasting myself with a cup of tea from my thermos at the was a day of tough work and pure pleasure. If you walk, you know what I mean!
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4 Responses to So, Tuesday Arrived…

  1. Another good walk, well recorded

  2. wishartlane says:

    Fantastic hike and views Cora!! Well done. Makes me feel like a piker walking a flat 18 holes today:)

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