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This is a little blog about the joy of walking. I’ve found and enjoyed reading a number of walking blogs and thought I’d add my own. By the way, my favourite walking blog is the lonewalker.uk…he combines local history and landmarks with interesting writing and his own great photos.

My love of walking was kindled in 2005 when I took my Girl Scout troop to Pax Lodge in London and Our Chalet, in Switzerland. While there, I had a day to join a group of Norwegian scouts for a day’s hike up an alp. I was hesitant about being able to make the climb, but the guide from Our Chalet was kind and and encouraged me to give it a try. Well, I was always the last in line, but no one minded and…I made it! I so clearly remember toasting myself at the top with tea that I’d brought in my thermos for this very reason, and just enjoying the marvel of it all!

Since then, I’ve lived on the prairie and my walks have been little more than local hikes, with a few notable exceptions. I joined a Ramblers Holiday group to walk the West Highland Way in Scotland in 2010 and now that we’ve moved to the mountainous state of Montana, there are endless opportunities to walk and hike. So, that’s what I’ll write about…the work and pleasure of getting outside, breaking a sweat and seeing the countryside!


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  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster award check out my post with all the rules and information! I just love what you are doing here!

  2. Wow! How thoughtful! I’ll check it out…thank you! And, congrats to you, too!

  3. Thanks for liking my post about the knitted tea cosy… it was fun to knit – just wait until I’ve finished the badger…I too like walking as you will have discovered but not mountain hikes – my knees like ti nice and smooth – like a pavement!

  4. linhartb says:

    I spent a summer many years ago working in Adelboden, Switzerland. What a beautiful mountain town. The Engstligenalp is beautiful! I was a Boy Scout leader for my son and my wife was a Girl Scout leader for our daughter. We took a family vacation to Switzerland back in 2005 and visited Adleboden again and visited Our Chalet – what a beautiful spot for a Girl Scout camp! We also headed over to Kandersteg in the neighboring valley and visited the International Boy Scout Centre. On a trip to the UK in 2007 we also visited Pax Lodge in London.

  5. The Scouting world opens the doors to the world, I think. Sounds like you really enjoyed it, too! Oddly, we were at Our Chalet in 2005, too! In July, if I remember correctly. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. gardengirl92 says:

    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. If you would like to participate just go to my blog for details. Have a great day! http://gardengirl92.wordpress.com

  7. Hi, Gardengirl! I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog! Thank you – soooo much – for nominating me for an award! I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and I’m sorry to say that I’ve decided to not participate in the blog awards program. It’s a great way to share recognition…my only hesitation is the need to answer personal questions. We share so much of ourselves through our blog writing…I’ve decided to draw the line there. I treasure your nomination, though! Thanks, again…and all the best 🙂

  8. Karen Thurn says:

    Hi, Cora! Remember our daily walks at the mall when we walked and exercised our jaws at the same time? I miss those days. If only I had not gone back to work.

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